Unplugged with Agrimetrics: Linking Agriculture & Sustainable Financing

Unplugged with Agrimetrics: Linking Agriculture & Sustainable Financing

Unplugged with Agrimetrics: Linking Agriculture & Sustainable Financing

Dr Matthew Smith Chief Product Officer Agrimetrics shows the new Data Explorer tool from Agrimetrics and describes how linked data from many sources is becoming easier and can help not only agriculture, supply chains but also sustainable financing

Tools & Technology for Financing Sustainable Development

Across the Mekong subregion, enhancing environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards for large-scale development projects is becoming increasingly strengthened through collaboration between investors and lenders. In this third webinar of our Sustainable Finance Initiative series with The Asia Foundation, we’ll gauge the sustainability of development projects for financing through case studies from the region and look at global spatial applications for analyzing climate resilience and financing.

This webinar will be joined by experts from the USAID and Australia Mekong Safeguards Program, USAID Green Invest Asia, and USAID SERVIR-Mekong who will introduce tools, technology, and use cases that promote environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria for development through sustainable financing initiatives.

Participants will gain knowledge of new tools and technologies that enhance environmental and social standards when organizations invest in energy, agriculture, transport, and water projects in the Mekong subregion.

• United States Agency for International Development, Regional Development Mission for Asia
• Oliver Warner, Sustainable Finance Advisor, USAID and Australia Mekong Safeguards Program, The Asia Foundation
• John McGinley, Strategy Advisor, USAID Green Invest Asia, Mekong Strategic Partners
• Peeranan Towashiraporn, Chief of Party, USAID SERVIR-Mekong, The Asia Disaster Preparedness Center

Webinar | Digital Technology Applications for Agricultural Water Productivity Improvements


The 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) is a public, private, civil society partnership hosted by the World Bank Group. The partnership supports country-level collaboration designed to unite diverse groups with a common interest in the sustainable management of water resources, with the aim of helping countries close the gap between water demand and supply by 2030. Transforming Value Chains (TVC) is a strategic priority for 2030 WRG, which has a strong focus in developing public-private partnerships (PPPs) to enhance the productive use of agricultural water, reduce runoff pollution, and increase farm productivity and income.

In addition, 2030 WRG is supporting a suite of Disruptive Technology (DT) applications in the water sector, supporting early-detection of issues, operational cost savings, continuous monitoring, and productivity gains. Such solutions support sustainable water resources management for sectors such as agriculture in partnership with the private sector, public sector, investors, entrepreneurs, academia, as well as enabling institutions.

About the Webinar

2030 WRG is supporting innovations across the agricultural value chain, covering water source security, on-farm water-use efficiency, post-harvest infrastructure, market linkages, as well as other areas, through its collective action approaches. Select interventions catalyzed by 2030 WRG include digital solutions for water accounting, agricultural water productivity enhancement, soil moisture management, and traceability.

The 2030 WRG TVC and DT Taskforces organized a webinar on digital technology applications across the agricultural supply chain with an emphasis on linkages between water and agriculture. This webinar provided an overview of the opportunities for agricultural innovations and critical factors to support testing, implementation, and mainstreaming of digital approaches relevant to water security. Through case study examples of private sector, practitioners, and academics, the webinar deep dived into the role that digital technologies can play in addressing the water-agriculture nexus.

Sustainable Agriculture

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