Startup Tumelo targets investors with innovative dashboard

Startup Tumelo targets investors with innovative dashboard

Startup Tumelo targets investors with innovative dashboard

Georgia Stewart Co Founder of Tumelo shows how their dashboard allows investment platforms and pension providers to give their customers full transparency over the companies they own and empowers them on issues they care about, such as climate change or gender equality.

In Conversation with Georgia Stewart

Georgia Stewart, Justine Pattullo and Emma Napier talking about Tumelo and how it helps investors/members to have an opinion in shareholder meetings.

0:00 – Introduction
0:15 How did you set up Tumelo and what was the purpose?
2:36 Willingness from providers to participate in helping investors to get more involved?
4:40 The role of regulators in helping with communications and how fund managers are committed to feedbacking?
7:15 Role of advocates (like Prince Charles) calling on pension and investment companies to invest sustainably. These stories Trustees are constantly being prodded by regulators and so stories like climate change and sustainability and its importance. How to make change happen?
11:49 Tech and its role in the communications provided within Tumelo.
15:28 How Artificial Intelligence (AI) could play a role in invertor preferences.
19:41 Before Tumelo, how did investors/members make their preferences known?
22:45 Barriers – What’s the next big barrier that you’ll need to remove?
24:26 What’s your product vision and how will tech play in 5 years time?
27:08 The role of data, pensions dashboards, open banking, open finance and open wealth – will drive higher consumer expectations and demand?
30:22 Georgia’s one wish for Tumelo and for our industry.



Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have become an increasingly important consideration for investors and the recent IPCC report on Climate Change highlighted the need for policymakers and consumers to act now. In this video you’ll also hear from Georgia Stewart, from Tumelo, who will move the discussion onto how to get investors actively engaged in the process of investing, such as engaging with their fund managers on the stock that they want.

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