Scenario planning key to understanding climate change

Scenario planning key to understanding climate change

Scenario planning key to understanding climate change

Julie Baddeley Chair and Founder Chapter Zero, speaks about how scenario planning is key for boards to understand the impact of climate change.

What is the scenario planning process in a strategic plan? // How to do scenario development

When you have your next #StrategicPlanning session, you may want to include #ScenarioPlanning to help your team navigate future uncertainties. This process helps to identify multiple different versions of the future (scenarios) instead of betting 100% on one specific version of the future.

You can use scenario planning as a creative tool within the strategic planning process to develop contingency plans and minimize risk. #ScenarioDevelopment

Scenario planning can’t help you predict the future, but it can help you put your team in the best position to succeed when the next crisis hits.

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1:08 why do scenario planning?
2:14 identifying driving forces
5:09 identifying critical uncertainties
7:06 develop scenarios
7:57 discuss implications

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Strategy 101 – Scenario Planning

It’s impossible to predict the future. Scenario Planning helps you to prepare for alternative outcomes. This video takes you through 5 simple steps which enable you to develop a more solid strategy

3 Steps to Strong Scenario Planning

Get a step-by-step guide to scenario planning, the process of preparing for future events’ impact on your business.

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Scenario Planning for Environmental Management

This Simpleshow created by the James Hutton Institute helps to explain Scenario Planning for Environmental Management. It has been produced as part of the EU funded project COMET-LA (COmmunity-based Management of EnvironmenTal challenges in Latin America,, a project that studied approaches to support sustainable community-based management of natural resources in a context of climate change and increasing competition for resource use.

A key to supporting planning today is to understand how pressures such as climate change can affect future natural systems and societies. Considering the connections between environmental, economic and social issues is fundamental for prosperity and sustainability, with consequent implications for any debates about future land use and environmental management. Scenario planning can assist with this. A scenario is a coherent, internally consistent, and plausible description of a possible future state (including both social and natural aspects). It is not a forecast; rather, each scenario is one alternative image of how the future can unfold. The process should encourage consideration of the interactions between pressures or drivers from across levels.

Scenario-planning can take a variety of forms, and is certainly not a ‘panacea’ for all problems, but we believe that it has potential to help tackle many environmental challenges. The process of developing scenarios is thought to be useful for aiding partnerships to make explicit, share and reconcile different knowledges, expectations and aspirations. The James Hutton Institute is carrying out research on other applications and challenges associated with scenario planning for environmental management: visit to find out more. Visit for more information about the Institute’s role in COMET-LA, and staff involved.

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