Motive Partners acquires embedded/capital to grow early-stage fintech portfolio

Motive Partners acquires embedded/capital to grow early-stage fintech portfolio

Motive Partners acquires embedded/capital to grow early-stage fintech portfolio

Private equity firm Motive Partners has acquired fintech VC embedded/capital, with the aim of creating a specialist fintech investment platform for startups.

The 2023 Tech M&A Outlook | FT Due Diligence

After a pullback in tech M &A in 2022, and with IPO markets sluggish, dealmakers expect an uptick in M &A activity in 2023.

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Fintech w/ Logan Allin (TIP415)

Trey Lockerbie sits down with Logan Allin, the Managing General Partner and founder of Fin. Fin is a VC firm that now has 10 unicorn portfolio companies, some of which have IPO’ed and are over $1B in AUM.

01:00 – What Logan Allin Learned in Playing Chess That He Was Able to Apply to His Investing Practice?
05:04 – Sourcing Companies and Sourcing Founders in Fintech
06:40 – What Sparked Logan Allin’s Passion for Investing and the Appeal of Venture Capital
10:06 – B2B SaaS Tailwinds That Have Occurred From the Pandemic.
16:27 – The Opportunity Ahead for Financial Information Migrating to the Cloud.
24:18 – Best Metrics for Tracking SaaS Companies.
29:13 – Logan’s Take On Sofi Stock Performance, Since He Was Previously a VP There and Is Also an Investor.
35:15 – Challenges Ahead for the Fintech Space, as There Has Been a Lot of Volatility as of Late.
39:09 – Logan’s Strategic Advice for Fintech Founders as They Plan Ahead for 2022.
46:35 – Andreessen and the Fast Growth of Venture Capitals
49:50 – SPACs

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Fintech Demo Day: Fintech, Funding and the Future | SFF 2020

3 parts – each one focussing on one aspect of the topic: FinTech Q1. (All) If you can give an overview of the kind of companies that you back Q2. (Maelis) Data-driven world Q2. (Ganesh) Market development Q2. (Melissa) FinTech for the Masses Funding Q3. Building FinTechs in emerging markets does require ongoing capital. Since you come in as early investors, what has your experience been with the founders that you back, in their quest for further rounds of financing. Q4. COVID-19 and its impact on funding (startups & funds), which is very crucial on the road to recovery Future Q5. One area (market opportunity / technology) that you expect to see more FinTech action in 2021. BankBuddy – AI solutions to help FI automate BankBuddy provides easy to deploy Artificial Intelligence enterprise SaaS solutions to help financial institutions Hyper-personalize their customer experience to increase cross sell, upsell and conversions. Their flexible subscription models are based on transactions & outcomes. BankBuddy has customers in 10+ countries and is a fast growing company. SAWO Labs – public key cryptography SAWO provides a customer centric, standardized and device-based secure authentication solution for apps and websites to provide a seamless user experience, by removing the need of login passwords and OTPs. They might be worth having a look at for Future Group’s consumer facing websites and apps. PesaKit – fintech startup promoting AI in mobile money Empowers mobile money agents who can serve as a distribution channel for a variety of digital financial services so that underserved populations across the continent have better access to the services they need. Perfios – one solution financial statement analysis Perfios is a leading product technology company enabling businesses to aggregate structured and unstructured data, curate, analyze and help in decision-making. Perfios’ product offerings help companies build vertical applications across various domains. In over nine years, Perfios has acquired 100+ large clients across various domains such as Banks, NBFCs, Digital Lending platforms, Mutual Fund Companies, Insurance companies, Human Resources etc both in India and abroad. DiscoverDollar – helps enterprises identify overpayments Discover Dollar helps retailers & brands to identify & resolve leakages like pricing errors, missed discounts, rebates by analyzing unstructured negotiations data like contracts and emails, invoices, purchase orders & payments data. Discover Dollar has helped their clients recover more than $300 Million lost dollars for Fortune 500 companies like Target, Budweiser, (ABInbev), Levis, Metro, Canadian Tire etc. Discover Dollar’s fees are payable ONLY when they actually recover your lost money.

Maelis Carraro, Managing Director, Catalyst Fund/ BFA Global
Melissa Frakman, Managing Partner, EMVC Fintech Fund
Ganesh Rengaswamy, Co-Founding Partner, Quona Capital
Aditya Bhagat, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Affinsys Ai Limited (
Prabhat Sahu, Founder, SAWOLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Subrahmanya Rao, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Discover Dollar
Andrew Mutua, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PesaKit Limited
Aditya Prasad, Chief Evangelist, Perfios Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Andrew Mutua, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, PesaKit Limited

Ajay Ramasubramaniam, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Startup Réseau

– Featured on Green Shoots channel at SFF 2020


Fintech is only 1% finished | The fintech market ft. Simon Taylor | 11:FS Explores Lightboards

Fintech is only 1% finished.

But what do we mean by that?

Simon Taylor, Head of Ventures at 11:FS takes us through the landscape of financial technology in this Lightboard edition of 11:FS Explores.

When you take a look at the customer numbers that financial services brands are serving in any particular segment, it’s apparent that the majority of UK Fintech brands currently operate within areas that have high customer numbers, but low value-per-customer. For example, areas with high customer numbers such as retail are being served by market-leaders such as Monzo, Starling, and Revolut. Retail is one of the most over-served markets by digital banking providers at the moment – but considering 12 million UK customers have a digital bank and the majority aren’t moving their salary into it, there is still a lot of work to be done, and that shows it.

But the biggest edge in recent times is the massive changes to the supplier landscape – from onboarding and KYC, to payments, to Banking as a Service. Prospective fintech companies now have the chance to assess the opportunity space for their proposition and to get a full view of the suppliers available to them.

With such a robust supplier landscape emerging – it means that any company can be a fintech company.

The market has blown wide open.

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