ESG finance trends reshape issuer sustainability strategies

ESG finance trends reshape issuer sustainability strategies

ESG finance trends reshape issuer sustainability strategies

David Metcalfe, CEO, Verdantix speaks to Richard Peers, ResponsibleRisk about empowering the future of ESG & Sustainability and their latest report, which highlights the risks CEO’s face from ignoring investor focus on ESG.

ESG compliance: what are the new challenges for banks?

Whilst sustainability is shifting from a hobby for a small group of do-gooders into a full-grown boardroom priority, financial institutions struggle to implement ESG regulations. Sustainability is not only an additional risk type, but a transformation changing the way financial institutions conduct their business. If you want to know more about implementing ESG regulations and the lessons learned, watch the video.

Integrating ESG Strategies and Risk Management in Financial Services

How should sustainability risks and the different facets of E, S and G be integrated into the risk management framework – and how do E, S and G risk factors affect risk management, monitoring, measurement, stress testing, and reporting? Watch Capco’s interactive webinar in collaboration with Simmons & Simmons. Together with three senior panellists representing different geographies and the entire financial services industry, we discussed the impact of ESG risks and the required next steps to ensure compliance with key global regulatory requirements.

ESG Webinar Series – Part 1: Overview of ESG and Latest Trends

January 19, 2022

This panel will give a foundational overview of ESG trends. Presenters will discuss the role played by the investment community in steering ESG initiatives, and will summarize expected activity from the federal government, including the EPA and the SEC. Trends in voluntary ESG disclosure and best practices also will be discussed.

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ESG Trends to Watch in 2023

Shaheen Contractor, ESG Research Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence and Katrina White, Sustainable Finance Associate, BloombergNEF discuss disclosure rules, the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act and more with Bloomberg’s Meg Szabo.
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