$44 trillion Economic Value Dependent on Nature (WEF)

$44 trillion Economic Value Dependent on Nature (WEF)

$44 trillion Economic Value Dependent on Nature (WEF)

Earth Knowledge founders Julia Armstrong D'Agnese and Frank A. D'Agnese supply some answers to the key challenges of the Sustainable Finance Industry as a result of their work bringing science based data from around the globe into an accessible format for use in decision making.

World Economic Forum Session:Bricks or Clicks: What kind of investment do economies need?

LEAKED: Russia’s ENTIRE Economy Is About To IMPLODE

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Russia will run out of money in the next 18th months, and that’s the best case scenario. Vladimir Putin has been concealing Russia’s economic disaster from the West. He’s been manipulating currency rates, cherry picking data, and hiding key economic statistics. The mainstream media has bought into Putin’s words, but that’s an asinine mistake. Behind the scenes, local officials are protesting at parliament meetings
Through my research over the past few weeks, I’ve uncovered the truth behind Russia’s economy. At the end of this video, I’ll reveal exactly when Russia’s elites may revolt against Putin. Sooner or later, the entire world is going to wake up to Russia’s terrifying crisis.

Although Russia may appear to be in a strong situation militarily, the country’s economy is imploding. Subtle but shocking leaks have shown that the entire Russian economy is about to fall apart. Because of western sanctions, $600 billion of corporate activity has flowed out of Russia. This effectively disintegrates 30 years of foreign investment since the fall of the Soviet Union. To give you context as to how severe this is, Russia’s GDP only sits at $1.4 trillion. 42% of Russia’s GDP has flowed out of the country almost overnight. Over 1,000 companies have stopped doing business in Russia since the Ukraine invasion. Russia claims that 12-15% of direct employment has been lost from sanctions. Using Russia’s numbers, the indirect unemployment is estimated to be roughly 35 to 40% of Russia’s labor force. This is because one man’s spending is another man’s income. If 12-15% of people suddenly lose their jobs, then they will also stop spending on other products and services. This increases the unemployment rate to 35 to 40% by Russia’s own numbers. A channel named INSIDE RUSSIA frequently uncovers the secrets behind Russia’s closed doors. As a citizen of russia, he’s noticed that plenty of businesses are dying off. Even the stores that are still open have little to no activity because of low consumer activity. The vast majority of stores have closed down so there’s simply nothing to purchase for consumers. When it comes to the products that still remain, prices have skyrocketed to new heights. Take a look an IKEA building that used to have hundreds of people. Because IKEA stopped its operations in Russia, the entire area is now empty.

No matter what Putin tells you, the situation is clear — consumer spending has fallen by a drastic amount. Putin has been deceiving the West about the Russian economy by manipulating economic data. Positive analyses on Russia’s economy have proliferated over the past few months. Most of them detail how Russia’s economy has withstood the pain of sanctions. However, they all have one critical flaw: all of them rely on the Russian government themselves. Putin has been cherrypicking data and hiding crucial economic statistics from the public. Based on the past few centuries of ruthless dictators, we know it’s completely nonsensical to trust propaganda from a country at war. Using direct data sources, data mining of shipping data, and cross channel checks, Yale professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld has uncovered the truth about Russia’s economy. According to Sonnenfeld’s research, it won’t be long before everyone finds out about Russia’s embarrassing situation.

No matter what Putin says, Russian citizens know that the economy is doomed. In a democratic country, citizens would simply vote on a change in economic policy or protest about political mismanagement. The problem is that Russia does not allow free speech. After anti-war protests broke out following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, almost 13,000 protestors were arrested. The Russian govenrment treated the protestors like they were animals. They engaged in physical misconduct that would get me demonetized if I went into detail. Many protestors recevied criminal cases and were placed in jail. One anti-war protestor was clever and held up a sign during a live news broadcast. In response to this, the Russian government gave her three different fines that total to over $1,700. The government’s actions against her have not stopped to this day. She was recently placed under house arrest and faces up to 10 years in prison under a new law. The law was enacted after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was announced. The goal of the law was to punish those who critcize the military by placing them in jail. Despite the obviously harsh consequences, Russian citizens are still continuing to protest.

A Living Wage for All | World Economic Forum | Davos 2023

A globally implemented living wage could generate $4.6 trillion in additional GDP each year through increased productivity and spending.

Amid a worsening cost of living crisis, what would it take to radically reimagine a world with living wages for all?

00:00 Introduction
02:33 Discussion begins

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Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam compares crypto with ostrich eggs | World Economic Forum 2023

“To start getting into a game of regulating, whether it’s ostrich eggs or crypto or anything else, it’s going to be a never ending game,” says Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam on crypto regulation at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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