TurboFil Benchtop Syringe Filler for Compound Pharmacies

TurboFil LLC Packaging Machinery, an equipment specialist dedicated solely to the design and development of liquid filling and assembly machines, has introduced a benchtop syringe filling machine that offers a welcome step up from manual operations. Offering full control of filling parameters in single or dual operation, the TipFil syringe filler is designed to deliver accurate and consistent fills at a rate of up to 12 parts per minute.

The TipFil Syringe Filler uses a plunger mechanism that pulls the needle back through the plunger, with the amount of medication filled being dictated by the distance the plunger is pulled back. Among other benefits, this should eliminate the need to clean a measuring device, the company says. For optimum precision, the movement of the piston is driven by a servo motor for precise and repeatable filling of the product.

One of the key attributes of the TipFil syringe filler is its versatility: the unit can perform through-tip filling for liquids or viscous products in a variety of typical feeding scenarios, including hoppers and reservoirs , and an optional accessory allows filling via bottles and vials. Suction control helps ensure increased filling accuracy. All parts in contact with the product are completely disposable in single-use plastic.

Fill volumes are electronically adjustable via the HMI, and a priming function, also programmed via the HMI, is intended to aid in the efficient removal of air bubbles. Once a fill cycle is complete, the TipFil Syringe Filler retracts the syringes back to their starting position so the operator can remove them and replace them with new ones.

In addition to accuracy, the pull-fill method of TipFil Syringe Filler offers a number of benefits, including operator safety, easy changeover, and flexible settings to accommodate a wide variety of filler sizes. syringes and product types. The unit can be installed under a laminar flow hood making it suitable for aseptic filling. Intuitive operation combines a user-friendly HMI with push buttons or foot pedal. Recipes for various products and fill volumes can be accessed by an optional barcode scanner, and validation packages are also available.

“The TipFil Syringe Filler is an option for pharmacies looking for more efficient and consistent options for filling a wide range of syringes and product types,” says Deborah Smook, vice president of marketing and business development for TurboFil. Packaging Machines LLC. “The intuitive unit makes it easy to switch to semi-automatic filling and, as a bonus, helps prevent the type of muscle damage that can result from repetitive movements – a common problem with manual syringe filling techniques.”