Thermoforming packaging machines for sensitive products

Two new thermoforming packaging machines from Multivac are intended for the packaging of medical products and other sensitive products.

▪ The RX 4.0 in GMP design is designed for the production of combination packaging. The line is fully enclosed in a box. In addition to the machine’s comprehensive sensor system, a new generation of smart dies would also contribute to the high level of efficiency, process reliability and operational safety. Thanks to their highly developed actuation system, the RFID coded X-tools allow quick and reliable tool changes during product changes. The RX 4.0 packaging solution is equipped with a Bell-Mark InteliJet HD digital printer for packaging coding. An H 242 handling module integrated in the exit area removes the packs from the machine.

▪ The C 300 TC chamber machine, the most compact unit of the company’s self-contained C-series vacuum chamber machines, is designed to pack sterile medical products in pre-made pouches. It makes it possible to produce packaging under vacuum or under modified atmosphere and with reduced residual oxygen content. A permanently heated, temperature-controlled sealing bar ensures that this cleanroom-compatible machine achieves repeatable sealing quality, and the entire process can be calibrated and validated.