Marchesini Group: Packaging machines for vaccines

Marchesini Group currently produces and delivers packaging machinery for vaccines, and generally continues deliveries of customer orders using technologies such as FAT streaming.

The company is used to supplying vaccine packaging machines:

2004: In 2004, a well-known chinese company commissioned a line that would complete the entire process of filling and packaging vaccines into a syringe.

2009: The same customer has become the first major pharmaceutical company in China receive authorization to produce a vaccine against H1N1 virus that caused swine flu and bought the second complete syringe packaging line by Marchesini.

2020: This partnership continues today and Marchesini is in the process of delivering three additional vaccine packaging lines as well as other stand-alone machines to update existing lines.

The company has also carried out work in Southeast Asia, with the installation of a vaccine line to fill, assemble and package syringes. The line, in operation for five years, has represented an important advance for the local market in the production of vaccines in syringesgenerally costly for emerging countries.

They have also produced lines for multinational pharmaceutical companies involved in the production of antibiotics against H5N1 virus responsible for bird flu.

“We will try, even at this unprecedented moment in history, to be as quick as possible in delivering our machines, while safeguarding the health of our staff,” said Pietro Cassani, CEO of Marchesini Group in interviews with RAI, Italian public television.

In Italy, where our production plants are located, Marchesini Group recently doubled the production department of Corimathe Group’s division specializing in aseptic packaging technology and machinery. Today, Corima has a 12,000 m² factory and aims to respond more fully and quickly to the growing demands of the sector, especially in view of current events.