Cognecto Launches New Product – AI Enablement for Heavy Equipment in Mining, Construction and Logistics.

Cognecto launches Edge Device to provide a fully integrated fleet management platform

Integrated fleet management platform

State-of-the-art device built on state-of-the-art cellular and artificial intelligence technology that performs in demanding working conditions of mining, material handling and construction.

Cognecto Fleet Management Platform

Cognecto Fleet Management Platform

The Cognecto Edge device based on AI and the latest cellular technology can perform in the demanding work environments of mining, material handling and construction.

The integration of our peripheral device makes the solution more secure and easy to install. We can process information at the edge, eliminating the need to move all data to the cloud. »

— Rohet Sareen, Business Development Manager, Cognecto

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, Sept. 20, 2021 / — Today, Cognecto announced the launch of a new product called Cognecto Machine Link – tailor-made for the demanding environments of mining, handling, construction and logistics.

Cognecto Machine Link will allow fleet owners to retrofit new and old equipment with relevant sensors. It comes with the built-in capabilities of an advanced and easy-to-integrate IoT device of tire pressure sensors, fuel sensors, load sensors, RFID sensors, and open channels to leverage the various electrical and mechanical sensors.

The edge device’s modular design allows sensor inputs to be customized to customer requirements and delivers financial return (ROI) within months. The base model allows all site assets to be connected to ensure visibility of the complete material/process flow.

Cognecto Machine Link is preconfigured to connect to the fleet management platform and will reduce deployment time. This will help Cognecto remotely manage and upgrade the installed device without complex local support.

Its multi-channel capability allows connectivity via protocols such as RS232, RS485, Bluetooth and various analog and digital signals. State-of-the-art computing capability will eliminate the need to transfer all data to the cloud.

The Cognecto fleet management platform is used by several customers around the world. The latest edge device will improve the security and reliability of the solution. It will also help the fleet management ecosystem by providing a plug-and-play approach to integrating their sensor into a standard Edge device and providing rapid validation of value to customers.

About Cognecto:

Founded by a passionate team of industry professionals in June 2019, Cognecto is India’s leading AI-based technology platform that provides real-time analytics solutions and managed services related to heavy equipment. With Cognecto’s monitoring solutions, site operators and engineers can access high-level production metrics, KPIs, and other key performance indicators through a well-integrated, easy-to-implement AI platform. and without technological footprint.

The company aims to reduce the environmental impact of its partner companies by providing a world-class heavy equipment monitoring solution that includes equipment tracking devices and offers advanced analytics capabilities.

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